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In today’s world, traditional approaches are not enough to maintain a competitive advantage. You have to take advantage of the multimedia opportunities that are available to you. This is where employer branding and recruiting videos come in.

It’s true video is a great way to be able to relate, engage, and tell a story about a company culture and environment going beyond your standard careers page. Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video. On average, employer customers receive a 34% greater candidate application rate when they add video to their job postings.

Keep in mind the average YouTube viewer spends 15 minutes a day checking out videos. They are a powerful way to relate and resonate with your candidate in a way the written word does not.

If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video. YouTube is currently the third most popular website in the world with over 800 million unique users visiting each month which makes it the perfect place to find a new audience. Here are some examples of good recruitment videos from some well-known brands: 


Apple Recruiter Video:


Gorilla Recruitment Video:


Google Recruitment Video:


There you have it! These were examples from multi-national companies as well as start-up businesses, and they all carried important principles and lessons in their recruitment ventures that you should be taking note of. Video Recruitment fresh you up !

Good hunting Recruiters !

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